About the Faculty

With the aspirations of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, may God have mercy on him, to spread education and invest in it to serve the Kingdom, place it among the developed nations, and make education available in the cities and governorates of the Kingdom, The Faculty of Sciences and Arts in Rafha Governorate was established on Rajab 20, 1430 AH, to be a beacon of science, knowledge, and community service in the Northern Border Region and become another element of academic education at the University of Northern Borders. The Faculty of Sciences and Arts aspires to create a pioneering educational environment, improve students' academic education, and provide them with sufficient skills to compete in the labor market and serve the community. 

The faculty of Science and Arts in Rafha works as a part of Northern Border University to achieve its primary objectives; by accomplishing comprehensive development in the educational process, and improving its outputs in light of modern scientific standards and effective technical methods, to reach the highest quality standards in higher education. Therefore, the faculty utilizes its human, administrative and technical resources to serve the educational process in the faculty, and to achieve its desired goals, according to scientific and methodological foundations; taking into account professional, ethical, and scientific standards as it bases its curriculum on the strategic plans of the university. 


    Dr. Atallah bin Jadhaan Al-Anzi
    Dean of Faculty of Sciences and Arts in Rafha

    Vision and Mission


    Achieving quality and excellence in university education and learning and keeping pace with current developments.


    Preparing highly qualified cadres in the sciences and arts disciplines that meet the labor market requirements and contribute to the development of scientific research and community service by providing distinguished and accredited academic programs.


        The Faculty  of Sciences and Arts in Rafha aims to:

      • Develop the teaching and learning process. 
      • Develop scientific research. 
      • Develop the services provided by the faculty to the community. 
      • Develop the facilities and equipment of the faculty. 
      • Develop learning resources. 

      Facts and Figures